Transparant Coating

Transparant Coating: satin/mat

TDS Clearcoat Orange Coatings

Innovatieve transparant top layer with very good protective 

properties. This lacquer can be applied is a relatively thin film

and has a strong adhesion and sits between the extra mat and ultra mat is too mat 

and extra mat is too silky mat.

ART. 50-1421 | 10KG
ART. 50-1425 | 1KG
ART. 50-???? | 5,5L

Transparant Coating: high gloss/satin gloss/mat/extreme mat

TDS Clearcoat Plus Orange coatings

Transparantn 2-K polyurethaan dispersion lacquer water dilutable.

Can be applied both thinly and thickly. Very good value for money.

Is easy to apply with a nice mat look.

NOTE: 1KG packaging is no stock product.


ART. 20-1123 | 5,5L

Tranparant Coating PR (plasticezer resistance):high gloss/satin gloss/mat/extreme mat

TDS Clearcoat PR Orange Coatings

Innovatieve polyurethaan bonded lacquer with very 

high solids dust content for very high chemical resistance.

Also plasticizer resistance (rubber tires) and very good

stain resistant. Is a very closed lacquer and very strong because 

of solids content, there for also extremely suitable for heavy used spaces. An all-rounder among lacquers

ART. 50-1121 | 10KG
ART. 50-1125 | 1KG
ART. 50-??? | 5,5L

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