PU colorcoat

Colored 2K polyurethane heavy duty water based coating.

For professional use only. Very thick strong

finishing coat and can be applied up to 250 gr/m2. Good

gradient and very good adhesion, optimal application.

High solids content. Most RAL, NCS and Sikkens colors possible.

ART. 50-1100 | 10KG

Epoxy colorcoat

Colored 2K water-based polyurethane coating. DS 230 is an easy-to-apply 2-component water-based epoxy floor coating based on environmentally friendly synthetic resins. The product may be diluted with water after thorough mixing the A and B component. This floor coating is suitable for e.g. garages, workshops, shops, balconies, ect. The product is seamless, durable, low maintenance and resistant to most chemicals. Plasticizer resistant and silk matt of optics. In addition, this epoxy hardly discolours inside. The coating is also ADR FREE (no hazard symbols).

ART. 50-1521 | 10KG

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